trophy design CONTEST 

The winner for the #2017PLC Trophy design contest 




The overall look-and-feel of the proposed trophy design for the Pacific Links Bear Mountain Championship is based on a West Coast theme.Carefully chosen natural and handcrafted materials in the fabrication of the trophy are reminiscent of the landscapes offered by Vancouver Island. A modern interpretation of a carved soapstone bear embracing a live edge piece of wood towering above, is sure to evoke a sense of belonging to this natural environment where mountains meet the sea and the tall trees. The front of the trophy has a blue coloured epoxy, filling the splitting gaps in the wood and mimicking the ocean surrounding the
island (the Strait of Georgia and Juan de Fuca), while the top shape of the wood suggests the vistas of the Olympic Mountain Range. Laser etching of the Pacific Links Bear Mountain Championship logo in the wood is also visible on the front face.
On the back of the trophy, laser engraving represents a silhouette of the majestic tall pines and fir trees located in the surroundings of the Bear Mountain golf courses. A silver metal plate of the PGA Tour applied to the back is also proposed, offering a touch of distinction and class to the overall look of the
trophy. In conclusion, a distinctive one of a kind trophy is proposed for the 2017 Pacific Links Bear Mountain
Championship. Use of natural materials in the fabrication will most definitively scream “West Coast”... while the overall craftsmanship will add a touch of elegance and prestige to the trophy.
It is a trophy that reflects the 5 stars Nicklaus design golf environment.